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No Ones a virgin...Life screws us all..
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in degrassi_fan05's LiveJournal:

Saturday, November 12th, 2005
8:20 pm

Hey sorry I haven't updated alot.I've just been pissed so much at this girl who used to be my best friend is now like my arch enemy.She is always talkin bout me and Desiree(another former friend of hers)behind our back,callin us hoes,sluts,and me a boyfriend stealer to every1.even people i dont even know.She is like the worst attention whore you can find.She is always sayin that stuff about us when she should take a big look in the mirror cuz she used to be goin out w/ one of my friends zach and he was real perverted.So she would go lyin to people tellin them how he pulled $10 outa her bra just for attention and that they made out after school.Me and Desiree went and asked him about makin out with her and he said "My f***** tongue hadn't been down her f***** throat and she needs to stop tellin people that!".At homecoming i wuz walkin around with him at the game and she was cheerin.He was bein real perverted around me and she was watchin him do that stuff to me while i was tellin him to stop.Then sum1 told us she was pissed at us and he went over to her and she said"Why is she all over you?" then he said "we were just walkin" then she said " thats not wut i heard" finally he said "F*** you" then he walked off and walked with me sum more.She finally went up to one of our friends (her ex friend also but still my friend) and said "oh you can tell zach im not mad at him no more!"I was like"Oh hell no you little whore!".Then she was talkin to my friend katie at church sayin if i didnt stop tryin to break her and zach up(which i wasnt) she was gonna have to pick a fight with me!She dont even wanna mess with me or shell get her ass beat.I probably will anyways.So she got mad after tellin katie that and went up to this 9th grader that i really really liked and told him I liked him!She is such an asshole!I wouldn't even do that if she liked sum1 as much as i liked him.She doesn't even realize how much i like him and how every time she tells him(6 times) it just ruins it 4 me!I think I would just Beat her ass just 4 that!anyways i g2g but im leavin sum quotes that i have dedicated to her:

"Don't hate me cause i'm beatiful hate me because your boyfrend thinks i am."
"There is no "I" in ugly...but ther is a "U"!
"When I met you we were ten.We promised not to talk about or lie about each other behind their backs.....I guess you crossed your fingers.."
"To hell with you and all your friends"
"I would say you looked like a dog,But that would be an insult to the dog."
"Make like your personality and split"
"REMINDER: hating me wont make u pretty"


Current Mood: pissed off
Saturday, November 5th, 2005
2:00 pm
New Rabbit
I went to crossville trade day and bought one of those white sequin purses with pink sequins and I bought a baby rabbit!My dad didnt no i bought it.when i got home i hid it under my pullover and when i went to hug him it hopped out!He was like "what is that!" then i was like uhhh....i didnt know that was in ther!lol.Anyways Here are some cool website links:

www.brittanyshs2010.piczo.com (my site!sign the shoutbox)





Current Mood: amused
Friday, November 4th, 2005
8:56 pm
FiRsT eNtRy!!
Hey this is basically my first entry on lj.My names Brittany and Im in the 8th grade at Sardis High School.If you wanna no more about me go 2 my info.I want to go to college and study to be a magazine editor.As you can tell from my screen name I LOVE Degrassi the Next Generation so if you like degrassi add me as a friend.Anways if you think you have anything in common with me then add me but if ur a smartass or like older than 17 then dont add me unless i think ur cool.Well i g2g ttyl!
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